Impact on Your Marriage While Travelling for Work

March 11, 2015

If you are a successful fund manager, it is obvious that you are travelling quite a lot, especially in the global financial scenario. While maximizing your profit parameters, there is a possibility that you might be struggling to keep your marriage intact and avoid almost daily fights with your spouse, if she/he is cheating on one of dating websites.

Being away from for an extended period or too often brings with it a completely new set of challenges and whole range of unique obstacles that you face as a family.
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UCITS Directive in Europe

UCITS is a retail fund exclusively regulated in European Union that not only offers investor protection when it comes to financial innovation opportunities but it also offers other benefits to the managers and investors. UCITS is getting more and more popularity in Europe as compared to alternative hedge funds. UCITS refers to “Undertaking for Collection Investment in Transferable Securities”. It offers higher level of investor protection and disclosure and that is the primary reason behind its success. read more …

Popular Financial Jurisdictions in EU

February 20, 2015

In very simple terms, the word financial jurisdiction would mean the right to exercise authority within the territorial limits decided by the law of the land on financial matters. In the context of the European Union, it would mean popular financial institutions that have the right to exercise authority in financial matters over the entire region. read more …